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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Difference between Pen Drive and Flash Drive

Flash Drive:

Basically pendrive/flash drive/thumb drive/usb Flast drive are products build from a memory technology called as Flash memory. Manufacturers use these different terms for their flash memory based products.

flash drive is a storage device that uses flash memory rather than conventional spinning platters to store data. 

Pen Drive:

So a pendrive is nothing but a Flash memory with a USB interface. The memory cards used in your mobiles are also based on flash memory. only their their interface is different.

Sometimes referred to as a jumpdrive, the pen drive is a portable USB flash memory device that can be used to quickly transfer audio, video, and data files from the hard drive of one computer to another. With a construction that is small enough to fit into a pocket, the pen drive derives its name from the fact that many of these USB drive devices resemble a small pen or pencil in size and shape.

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